Want to Guest Post?

Are you a creative type? Do you:
  • write books/blogs/media
  • run a podcast/youtube channel
  • draw/paint/sculpt/craft
  • edit/ copy edit
  • review
  • or anything else in the creative line?
Then I would be very happy to host a guest post for you. Whether it's part of a blog tour or a single post to get your work further afield, it is welcome💖. The only thing I ask is that the post have at least a little content and is not pure advertising. Blogger can be a little funny about pure advertising posts. So a paragraph or two not about the book/podcast/craft for sale, if your post is about such things, is required, even if it is how silly your cat can be.😉

Links to author pages, books, blogs etc are possitively encourage, but if links in a post point at disreputable sites the post will be be denied. Content of posts must also be the author's own work - plagiarism is unacceptable.

Explicit excerpts/short stories are welcome and will be posted under a cut, but no pornographic images. If it is okay for a book cover, it should be fine here, but nothing we wouldn't see on the shelf. Thank you.

I can create a blog post banner/featured image for guest entries, but if you would like to create one yourself the dimensions are max 550px wide by 284px high.

Content not accepted: Incest/Psuedo Incest, bestiality, underage, rape for titilation, racist/hate speech, political pieces - and I reserve the right to refuse content I do not feel is suitable for the website.

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