Saturday 4 April 2020

AtoZ2020 - D is for Drage & Dragon - #AtoZChallenge

Virginia Waytes' Sexy Stories - AtoZChallenge 2020 - D

AtoZChallenge 2020

Hello Lovelies💖, here's wishing you health and happiness. Welcome to my blog for day 4 of the #AtoZChallenge and the letter D. Today we have a character bio of one of my important protagonists.

D is for Drage & Dragon

Full Name: Drage Rathmanon
Aka: D or Drage
Species: Dragon Shifter
Age: unknown
Hair: white, long, straight, close cropped beard
Eyes: Blue, like ice
Height: 6'4'' / 193cm
Pronouns: he/him

Very few people know much about Drage or where he comes from. One of those who does is Lucy, but she keeps his secrets, and Oli, Drage's boyfriend, who would never betray his confidence.

Drage is Lucy's right-hand man and her oldest friend. His name literally means dragon, but he does not flash about the fact he is a dragon shifter, a species thought legendary by many. He wears a collar at all times which limits his power, although not enough to prevent him being one of the strongest supernaturals at The Manor. Since no one is sure of his origins, some theorise that Lucy collared him to control him. This is untrue, but neither of them care to correct assumptions or reveal the truth.

His species makes him virtually invulnerable, except to very specific magic.

To some he comes off as alouf and cold, but once his trust is earned he is incredibly loyal and caring, just stoic in his approach. He would lay down his life to protect those he cares about if it was necessary.

He helps manage The Manor, but also often takes part in shows in the Threatre with Oli as his usual partner. They often play out dom/sub senarios which can percolate through to their private relationship where Drage is the dominant. Drage often thinks he is too old and jaded to be with Oli, but Oli always manages to make him see sense.

So there we have Drage, stoic, second in command at The Manor. I very much hope you like him. Sometimes he can be an arsehole, but his heart is in the right place.

Please do comment below and link me to your AtoZ posts if you are taking part 💖. If you don't know what to say feel free to use to question below for inspiration, but don't feel you have to answer it.

Q. What is your favourite kind of dragon? Do you like the European ideal, like Smaug or Drago from Dragonheart, or are you a fan of Eastern dragons or another?

I think I am more of a European dragon fan, but I am totally open to all kinds of dragons, because they are simply fabulous.

My other self (Natasha Duncan-Drake) is also taking part in this years AtoZChallenge over at Tasha's Thinkings. Her theme is Vampire Drabbles (100 word stories). D is for Disease

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  1. Hungarian dragons have human forms too! They usually live in castles, fight with weapons, and have human wives.
    I like this guy :) I like the stoic and loyal type.

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. Awesome - hungarian stories have some of the best things. The stories I know from English folklore always seems to be about some worthy type killing dragons - it's all St George's fault.
      I've clearly been watching too much KDrama - the male leads are always stoic and loyal 😂

  2. I am definitely a dragon fan! I like the body style of traditional Chinese dragons best, but I am open to all kinds of dragon-ness. :)

    I have a tattoo of a dragon that wraps around my belly button, and I was born in the year of the dragon.

    Where dragon shifters are concerned, I very much enjoyed G.A. Aiken's (a.k.a., Shelley Laurenston) Dragon Kin book series. :)

    1. Dragons FTW! Dragons were always the bad guys in stories when I was young, but I think it was things like Neverending Story and Dragonheart that tucked them into my heart.

  3. Sexy dom dragon shifter. Love it!
    Happy AtoZ from Operation Awesome!

  4. I love dragon shifters, especially those with secrets - it fits their personalities somehow. I like dragons as allies generally but did adore Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug.

    1. I have to admit I didn't get past the first Hobbit movie so missed out on Smaug. LotR movies A+, Hobbit movies F for me - too much running and not enough plot IMHO. The book is one of the reasons I became a writer though, so it has a special place for me.

  5. He sounds awesome and a fit person for 2nd in command at The Manor. Like you, I'm a fan of all dragons. My preference and interest is in the Eastern dragons because of my interest in Asian philosophy and mythology. I like the myth of the Kun fish morphing into a dragon.

    1. I don't know many of the Asian myths, sounds fascinating. I should rectify that deficite soon.

  6. I love all dragons :-) Drage sounds awesome!

    An A-Z of Faerie: Duergar


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