Monday 6 April 2020

AtoZ2020 - E is for Ember - #AtoZChallenge

Virginia Waytes' Sexy Stories - AtoZChallenge 2020 - E

AtoZChallenge 2020

Greetings, Lovelies💖, I hope you are safe and well as we make it to day 5 of the wonderful AtoZChallenge. I have another character bio for you today. Don't forget that tomorrow is the first episode of The Manor in the Sexy Stories Podcast, so pop back to check it out then. The episodes will be coming out every Tuesday with their companion eBooks.

E is for Ember

Full Name: Ember Laconte
Aka: Ember, Em
Species: werewolf
Age: 38
Hair: Blonde, short
Eyes: blue
Height: 5'11''

Ember is the first lieutenant in The Manor's wolf pack, which means if the alpha is unavailable, she's there to deal with whatever needs to be dealt with. The Manor's pack is very laid back, so she rarely has to do anything except reassure the others with her presence, but she is quite capable of doing more if she has to.

She works at The Manor as second to May, looking after the security of the place. May is the brains, Ember does the leg work since May can't, although she's no slouch when it comes to brains either. She is incredibly skilled with words, relying on them to diffuse any situations rather than employing her inate strength. She knows all of May's systems and can take over running things for May if necessary.

Ember isn't currently in a long term relationship, preferring to be free and single and tends to go for more casual relationships. She's a lesbian and has a reputation for being a skilled lover among the unattacted female members of The Manor's family.

Her favourite hobby is climbing, giving her a powerful musculature even for a werewolf, although she looks quite slender due to her height. It also makes her very flexible. Although Lucy has offered to build her a climbing gym on the estate, she had so far refused, prefering to climb with others most of the time. She has to pretend to be weaker than she is, when she does, but she belongs to a local club and enjoys being part of it. When she needs to let loose she has been known to climb The Manor on the outside, without any safety gear.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my post today. Please pop back tomorrow to listen to the podcast.

Please do comment below and link me to your AtoZ posts if you are taking part 💖. If you don't know what to say feel free to use to question below for inspiration, but don't feel you have to answer it.

Q. Have you ever been climbing or know anything about it?

The closest I have ever come was more years ago than I care to admit when we went absailing on an outward bounds course at work. I was unimpressed with the height. 😂 I do enjoy watching competative climbing on Youtube though.

My other self (Natasha Duncan-Drake) is also taking part in this years AtoZChallenge over at Tasha's Thinkings. Her theme is Vampire Drabbles (100 word stories). E is for Energy

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  1. Is this a story you are writing or a book you have had published? Or just the story starting tomorrow?

    1. This is a new podcast launching tomorrow with companion eBooks with lots of lovely plot in them. It will be weekly, like a TV show.

    2. I have edited the post with a few more details - sometimes we get some into these things we forget not everyone knows everything already 😂.

  2. I like her! I like werewolves in general. I always wanted to try climbing but I never had the courage :D

    The Multicolored Diary

  3. She sounds like a person with a lot of energy to burn. Does she turn werewolf only on the full moon?

  4. Cool character...and great idea for a second A to Z Challenge theme! I'll have to remember this for next year!


  5. Em sounds like an awesome character! I've been climbing before, but I'm not a fan of heights ;-)

    An A-Z of Faerie: Vila


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