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The Manor is a adult-members-only country club nestled in the heart of the English countryside. To outsiders it is an exclusive venue where members may relax and unwind without being bothered by unwanted spectators, to those in the know, it is a very high-end sex club.

Members are very carefully vetted and just like Fight Club, no one talks about The Manor. In fact—they can’t. The Manor is not an average country house and is protected by very powerful enchantments which keep it safe from prying eyes and exposure.

The Supernatural

The Manor is owned and run by Luciana Smythe - Lucy to her friends, who is not only a very old supernatural being, but an extremely powerful one as well.

Lucy's home is a sanctuary for many others of a supernatural persuasion (click the links for more details):
With so many supernaturals in the same place, The Manor is never boring. There is always excitement, danger and sex on the menu.

Character Bios

  • Lucy aka Luciana Smythe - Owner
  • Drage aka Drage Rathmanon - Lucy's righthand man
  • May - Head of Security
  • Ember aka Ember Laconte - May's second
  • Gerry aka Gerry Ulfur - Werewolf alpha & Head Barman
  • Joshua aka Joshua Manston - newcomer at The Manor
  • Paden - Kelpie
  • Nula aka Nula McCarthy - healer
  • Oli aka Oliver Lewis - Half-Fae, sex worker
  • Pippa aka Philipa Tremayne - sous chef
  • Tom - head bouncer
  • Fuyuko - sex worker

Other Residents of The Manor

  • Kyla - Head gardener - Dryad
  • Sari - Designer
  • Oskar - sex worker - werewolf
  • Harriett - sex worker - werewolf
  • Isaac - werewolf
  • Zac - sex worker - werewolf
  • Bronwen - sex worker - werewolf
  • Liz - sex worker - werewolf

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Check out the podcast and eBooks for the sexy adventures of Lucy and her friends.

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