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AtoZ2020 - M is for May - #AtoZChallenge

Virginia Waytes' Sexy Stories - AtoZChallenge 2020 - M

AtoZChallenge 2020

Welcome to my post for the letter M. I have to admit, M is not my favourite letter, but that may just be because it comes before the first letter of my other name 😂. Isn't it funny how we gain these little idiosyncracies over time?

For this year's AtoZ I am introducing my new podcast and eBooks, with character intros, places and themes from The Manor. The episodes go out every Tuesday so look up E, L, R & X, or just check out the podcast & book pages.

  M is for May


Full Name: May
Aka: May
Species: merfolk
Age: over 200
Hair: Long, dark, curly
Eyes: turquoise like the sea
Height: depends if she has legs or a tail - 5'7'' ish
Pronouns: her/she

May is head of security at The Manor. She runs all the surveilance and computers, as well as having final say on everything keeping the residents safe. Usually she is purely back of house, but occasionally she has been known to sing in the bar, something she loves, but does rarely. There is a reason merfolk are known for their voices and when she gives a performance, many members are known to come specially to hear her.

It was her voice that led Lucy to meet May in the first place. Lucy was visiting the Lake District and heard this haunting voice and followed it. She found May sitting by the water, singing about her loss. Of course, after a little convincing, May came home with Lucy.

May originally comes from the South Pacific. She was trapped and kidnapped by a so-called scientist and brought back to England in the 19th century. He experimented on her, deliberately damaging her spinal chord, using iron on the injury to prevent it healing to see if it would affect her ability to change into her water form. It did not take that away from her, but it did take her ability to walk, so May has been in a wheelchair ever since.

Knowing she was unable to ever return to the sea because she could nolonger use her tail to swim against the currents, May accepted her fate and lived with her captor for several years as 'his ward' even after he captured Tom, a freshwater merman who was no more than a child at the time. Tom became like May's son and she did her best to protect him. Only a few years later, when the scientist planned to do to Tom what he had done to May, to prevent his specimen escaping, did May act, killing their captor.

At the moment, May is in a long term relationship with Gerry, the alpha of The Manor's werewolf pack. While he is asexual, she is very much not, but he takes great pleasure in showing her how much he loves her, physically as well as in all other ways, and they are a solid couple. May has made it very clear, however, she would have him with or without the sex, because he fills a place in her soul she had thought would be empty forever. They are part of the rock foundation that makes up The Manor.

May and Lucy are best friends, but they had a gentle rivalry: May is determined to come up with a security system that will one day be faster than Lucy's magic.

And so there we have May, I do hope you like her. She is a force to be reckoned with. Check out the books that accompany the podcast for more about May and Gerry.

Please do comment below and link me to your AtoZ posts if you are taking part 💖. If you don't know what to say feel free to use to question below for inspiration, but don't feel you have to answer it.

Q. What is your favourite song? So you like happy songs or sad songs, or does it depend on your mood?

At the moment I am completely earwormed by Karl Jenkin's Benedictus - our choir were practising it before all this social distancing and it's in my head on repeat. It is a good thing I love it. 😂

My other self (Natasha Duncan-Drake) is also taking part in this years AtoZChallenge over at Tasha's Thinkings. Her theme is Vampire Drabbles (100 word stories). M is for Mesmerism

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  1. Cool character!
    Kill Hannah: Lips Like Morphine is a favorite of mine.
    I guess I mostly prefer upbeat songs. Though I do like a lot of the stuff by Postal Service. So I don't know how emo factors there.

    1. Some songs are designed to fool us, with jaunty tunes and dark lyrics :)

  2. I think May is my favorite so far. I love the backstory too. :)

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. Thank you. May was the second character I came up with after Lucy.

  3. My old woman loved this. As for me, I'm not sure mermaids would be safe in my presence, what with their resemblance to fish, and I definitely do not want to meet a werewolf, dogs are bad enough.

  4. Songs definitely depend on my mood. Don't have one. I love the idea of merfolk at the computer. Always great to challenge our assumptions.

  5. Sounds like an interesting character. I don't have a favorite song so I guess it depends on my mood. In the car, I usually play a country station.

  6. May is an interesting character. I'm sorry for the trauma she's been through and glad she's in a good place now with a loving support system. My musical tastes are quite eclectic, and yes, it depends on my mood as to what will be chosen to listen to. If I'm low, I go high, if I'm high, I go higher :)

  7. Great backstory! I have merfolk (merrows) for "M", too :-)

    An A-Z of Faerie: Merrows


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