Wednesday 8 January 2020

A teaser clip as I start to record my masterpiece! #Podcast

Podcasting Trials and Tribulations

Hello lovelies, I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday period and are not caught up in the dreadful things happening around the world at the moment. If you are, stay safe.

So I have started recording the first podcast and, as I am sure you can imagine, this has require much experimentation - some good, some bad and no where near as fun as other experimentation I can think of 💖.

I must say though it has been a giggle to hear myself. We never sound like we think we do, do we? Ah the joys of limited human perception.

Anyway, after much deliberation I have decided on my theme music, which is from a fabulous site called and I finally have my settings tweaked (oh er 💖) so my recording is to my satisfaction. This is a teaser of the music and the welcome for my first podcast.


Anyone else been podcasting? How have you found it? Or do you have a favourite podcast to share?

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Music in clip from
"Moonlight Hall" by Kevin MacLeod (

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