Monday 20 April 2020

AtoZ2020 - Q is for Quickens - #AtoZChallenge

Virginia Waytes' Sexy Stories - AtoZChallenge 2020 - Q

AtoZChallenge 2020

Hello, Lovelies, and welcome to the letter Q for the AtoZChallenge. Now this is always something of a troublesome letter, no matter the theme. For this year's AtoZ I am introducing my new podcast and eBooks, with character intros, places and themes from The Manor. The episodes go out every Tuesday so look up E, L, R & X, or just check out the podcast & book pages.

Today I have something of a concept for you. Something The Manor exists for, rather than a concrete thing. Do enjoy. 💖

Q is for Quickens

Q is for Quickens

Quickens is such an interesting word with some interesting definitions. Parts of The Manor embody different versions of the word.

verb: stimulate of become stimulated

Now this definition is more than obvious. The Manor, after all, is a sex club. I am sure more than one heartbeat has been quickened by the very idea of visiting its illustrious halls, let alone the fun and games that goes on behind its closed doors.

The Manor also offers fine dining and a well-stocked cellar, for those excited by alternative stimulation of the senses, and at the weekend there is a pool, a sauna, horse riding and golf all available to engage the members.

Everything about The Manor is designed to protect those who live their and entertain and stimulate those who patronise the establishment.

verb: to give or restore to life

Now Lucy has not yet managed the trick of creating life from nothing and has not felt the desire to procreate magically or otherwise, but she has brought back to life many a supernatural being by offering them a home and a place of safety. Some of her found family considered themselves dead inside before they met her, and others were at the point of giving up. Now they have life.

The Manor is and always will be a sanctuary. Within its walls there is life continuously stimulated by the ebb and flow of what goes on there. Lucy will let nothing destroy that.

Please do comment below and link me to your AtoZ posts if you are taking part 💖. If you don't know what to say feel free to use to question below for inspiration, but don't feel you have to answer it.

Q.What quickens your heart? Are you an adrenaline junkie, or do the wonders of art make your heartbeat speed up, or maybe love?

My other self (Natasha Duncan-Drake) is also taking part in this years AtoZChallenge over at Tasha's Thinkings. Her theme is Vampire Drabbles (100 word stories). Q is for Quiet

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  1. I am definitely not an adrenaline junkie :D But I get excited about stories and discoveries...

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. I am completely in agreement about getting excited about stories and discoveries 💖 - who needs a fear response when there is exploration?

  2. Lucy is an admirable matriarch.

  3. I like how you defined the word in your world :-)

    An A-Z of Faerie: Banshee


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