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Sexy Stories 27 - Sensuality: Heart of the Lifespring - love and desire...

Sexy Stories 27 - Sensuality: Heart of the Lifespring

Sexy Stories 27

Sensuality: Heart of the Lifespring

Greetings, Lovelies! đź’– Welcome to my blog and this week's entry for Sexy Stories. This week the muses once again got away from me, so there will be a longer story coming, however, as it turns out my twin sister had similar inspiration and we have decided to publish both stories together once hers is complete and edited. Hence, this week there is no book to go with the podcast, but when there is, there will be two stories instead of one.

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Sexy Stories 27 - Sensuality: Heart of the Lifespring
Nen, High Attendant of the Lifespring, has brought Prince Ruan into the heart of her home to save him after a terrible accident, and to prevent the collapse of the peace talks he has championed between his country and their neighbours. However, being in such close contact with an entity such as the Lifespring comes with consequences, sensual, overwhelming consequences.
Transcript available at the Transcript page.

Please be aware, the Podcast has ADULT content.Do not press play unless you wish to hear it.


Sensuality: Heart of the Lifespring

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