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Sexy Stories 33 - The Manor s02e02 - Apologies : Fae trust & Dragon Fire

Sexy Stories 32 - The Manor s02e01 - Apologies : Fae trust & Dragon Fire

The Sexy Stories Podcast 33

The Manor s02e02

Apologies : Fae trust & Dragon Fire

Hello, Lovelies and welcome to episode 2 of season 2 of The Manor. I do hoped you enjoyed episode 1 and picked up your free copy of the eBook to go with it. If you didn't, never fear, the links are at the bottom of this post, so scroll on down after you've listened to this week's episode.

We have lots more sensual fun this week. Join Oli and Drage as they stumble through an evolution in their relationship neither of them was expecting. Of course Lucy is there to help them.

  • Pick up your copy of the companion eBook to find out how Lucy helps them figure out what it going on, as well as how Drage makes up for his grave mistake. 
  • Check out the episode of the Sexy Stories podcast for all the naughty bits narrated by Virginia.
The eBooks for the series are only 99c or equiv, and it really helps us to keep going, so thank you very much to every one who buys a copy. Much love đź’–.

Sexy Stories Podcast

Sexy Stories 32 - The Manor s02e01 - Apologies : Fae trust & Dragon Fire

Drage wishes to apologise to Oli in actions as well as words. He must rebuild the trust he has damaged in the most intimate way possible to show Oli just how much he loves him.

Transcript available at the Transcripts page.

Please be aware, the Podcast has ADULT content.Do not press play unless you wish to hear it.

Companion eBook

All the extra plot we couldn't fit in the podcast.

The Manor s02e01 - Apologies : Fae trust & Dragon Fire

Book 14

Apologies : 
Fae trust & Dragon Fire

The Manor s02e02

Drage has damaged the trust between himself and Oli, and the dragon-shifter does not even understand why he did it. Only Lucy's perspective can help him to comprehend it and give him a glimmer of hope in fixing his huge mistake. This all leaves Oli with a huge decision to make.

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The Manor

As a gift from me to you, the first eBook of each season is free to download.

S01E01 - Book 1 - A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing 

Luciana Smythe, Lucy to her friends, owns and runs The Manor, an adult only establishment nestled in the heart of the English Countryside, specifically designed for fun and games of the sexy, X-rated kind. What makes it unique are the residents, supernatural beings hiding in plain sight. Some, like Lucy, a vampire-succubus hybrid, are very powerful paranormal creatures. Others need The Manor's protection.

The Manor takes in strays and those with nowhere else to go, and Lucy's latest lost sheep is a young werewolf, Joshua, on the run from his own pack. Inside The Manor's walls await a new pack, safety, and possible romance, but first Lucy needs to make sure this asylum seeker is what he appears to be and poses no danger to the rest of her found-family.

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S02E01 - Book 13 - Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability

Cover for The Manor s02e01 - Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability

Josh is still dealing with an overactive libido as well as unpredictable magic thanks to joining with Lucy and the pack to save his sanity. It has been months and it is clearly not lessening. The obvious solution is to give up being a bartender and join the sexier side of the business at The Manor.

Unfortunately, there are two questions he needs to ask first:

1. As his mate, how will Pippa react to the idea?
2. Can he control his magic and the wolf at his core to be safe taking clients among normal humans?

He needs Pippa and Lucy to help him answer both.

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